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Monthly Vibes for September 2018
Wasn't that a party???
Monthly Vibe for August 2018 Cont'd
Well it feels like a month since I last wrote what...
Monthly Vibes Newsletter August 2018
The 8/8 Portal of August, 2018 and be-Yawned

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Order A Number Genie Chart

Charts For Children

This chart will include:

  • a full life reading
  • the soul number - what will feed the soul
  • the life lesson number- lessons to be learned
  • the path of destiny number- purpose on the planet
  • career paths
  • power colours - specific to the numbers
  • crystals - to enhance spirit alignment
  • animal guides - Native medicine wheel

House clearings and charts

This chart will include:

  • a reading of the house vibration and how it vibrates to you
  • a colour flow chart to enhance the vibration of your home
  • a 1 hour consultation at your home to determine what needs to be cleared

Business by Number

This chart will include:

  • A reading on the vibration of the business name
  • A colour chart specific to the vibration of the business name
  • symbols specific to creating positive energy vibration and results

We also offer a team of experts in web management, development and graphic design. Contact me for more information.

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