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Numerology for July 18th
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Numerology for July 17th
Peace is the key word today
Numerology for July 12th
We are in the new moon energies right now.

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The Monthly Vibes Newsletter Archive

Enjoy a sample of my Monthly Vibes Newsletters.

Monthly Vibes for November 2014 by The Number Genie

Looking Back


Photo by Ken Tuck

Looking Back over the last 3 months is like endeavouring to oput time in a bottle so that you can re-visit it at a later date. There has been so much activity and deep change in each one of our lives and in the lives of our families and friends; that it hasn't left us much time to assimilate all that has transpired.

So much of it still needs processing.One thing that makes it easier to do this is by becoming an observer instead of a participant. Rather than getting mired in all the details, allow the details to take care of themselves. It is less challenging at this time to look at the big picture for deeper meaning while remaining poised and balanced in the present moment.

The new moon energies of October 22nd and 23rd, 2014 gave us all the opportunity to focus on what we do want instead of fear-based don't wants. These new moon energies were extremely powerful on a multitude of levels. The moon was in the astrological sign of Scorpio at that time. Scorpio is known as "the surgeon" because it delves deep into the depths of our beings and extracts emotions through sudden events, transformational change as well as physical death.

All we need to do is look at world events to see what appears to be total chaos in various parts of our world. All of this is but a reflection of what is happening within and around ourselves. Humankind has gone through these cycles for eons of time. His-Story keeps repeating itself.

"Life is like an Our glass..turn it over and it is tim-E looking back at its'Elf"

Isn't it tim-E to write another one?

Photo By Ken Tuck


All that's left are tears

But they'll soon fade away

As the joy-filled memories come

Of the times you made my day

Now that you have gone

I'll treasure them even more

Like a feather in the wind

Or a light on a distant shore

You brought to me such love

That now I understand

Why our paths have intertwined

Like pebbles in the sand

And now the sands of tim-E

have drawn us further apart

But I just want you to know

You'll always be in my heart

The year 2014 is fast coming to a close. it has been a year where stagnant conditions within us and around us have been getting really stirred up. Many of us have had to become quiet and reflective for a while in order to find answers or at least some questions to look for answers to.

For each and every one of us and for the world as we know it, the events of October 2014 have set the stage for a massive quickening in the energies. For some of us, it may feel as if we have passed the final exams and now the celebrations are beginning and for others. it may feel testier than ever.

Meditation, yoga, outdoor activity and creativity are the keys for navigating this next period until we herald in New Year's 2015.

Each choice is a thoughtform

Each thought is a bird

Each bird is a messenger

Each messenger, a word



Monthly Vibes

The Scales Are Tipping

The month of November vibrates to the master number 11 and is represented by the Scales of Justice in the Tarot. The scales also symbolize the laws of cause and effect.

It is through accurately weighing the experieces of our past that we can experience balance in the present moment. Balance and Peace are but a decision away.

The month of November, 2014 already has tremendous energy flowing through... just at the time when we may be analysing our situation for the best way to proceed; or at least re-thinking or re-visiting some areas that need balancing. 

Sudden events and or inspiration may require quick decisions, but it is important as well to be aware of impulsiveness. Impulsiveness can cause the scales to tip in a different direction than what you have been intending so it is important at this time to give the uni-Verse clear messages. 

Now, more than ever before, the energies are supporting complete manifestation of our thoughts, wishes and dreams so it is of utmost importance that we conduct ourselves as if there were a universal wish camera attached to our thoughts, words and actions.

Sound heavy? Too much response-ability? Not enough time to spend blaming others?

Now is the time to take the spotlight away from Fear Frenzy and shine it on the Truth. The truth is that when we choose to spend time in fear, we create more of it. Those of us who have been regulating our doses of media "coverage" and taking more time to engage ourselves in creative pursuits and metaphysical disciplines such as yoga, meditation and transformational studies are finding that their psychic and intuitive abilities are increasing.

This is not what the "World Management Team" envisions.

More and more people are awakening to their true colours and potential. They are reaching out to each other in love, friendship and community.

The 11 11 gateway is upon us and we are standing in front of it at an integral point in history. Will it repeat itself or will the change begin with you?


Photo by Ken Tuck

In my personal news, i am very great-full to say that I am in a wonderful new location and full time Number Genie!

I am very busy teaching, performing as well as doing private readings and energy sessions.

I have also been a guest already on x-zoneradiotv.com. Rob McConnell is an ex police officer who has been hosting the Hamilton Ont. based show for 22 years now. with 2,500,000 listeners all over the world. I will be a regular on the show.

I am pleased to be able to share with you the last two interviews.

September 18th: Numerology

October 22nd: The Numerology of Terrorism

Another exciting opportunity that has come my way is the editing of a book entitled Silks in the Wind. It is an historical novel based on a strange family crest. The story unfolds in Greece during the 16th and 17th centuries. I am finding it entertaining as well as a wonderful way to challenge my literary background.

Life is good and I am great-full..thank-you, thank-you, thank-you


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