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Numerology for February 26th

Wed. Feb. 26, 2014

The key word for today is change. The number 26 is the number of evolutional growth. This is my personal birth number as it is my birthday today!

It is a very special one because according to my personal soul number,it corresponds to the age I turn today which is 57.

The #57 is all about change, writing, art, music, literature and all things that have metaphysical or mystical leanings.


So today, I'd like to share a poem for the Soul...

Many Happy Returns!

all lined up like pansys

in a window box

Their little faces smiling coyly

And the hats...

Oh yes the hats they wear!

You...dear soul have worn many hats

frilly hats

silly hats

and don't forget the helmuts...

Sassy hats

classy hats

And sometimes you just let your hair

stand on end...

electrified with the energy

of the power you hold within

All those candles burning

with the glowing embers of what you have

found to be truth

Have a wonder-filled day!  I know I will :-)