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Unveiling the Spirit World Part 6

Tue. Sep. 03, 2013

In Honour of a Goddess...


This particular sharing is about an awesome friend, woman and Goddess who crossed over to the other side without several of her sisters by her side when she did it. She also wanted a private ceremony with only immediate family. This was a challenge for us in the grieving process because we needed some way to find closure.

Today is Claudia's birthday so in honour of her journey into Goddess and beyond, I share this story.

Happy Birthday Claudia...everyone you touched, you touched for life.....

The morning  dawned in all its Autumn splendour that particular sunny November day. Seven of us agreed to meet down by the river to have our own ceremonial send off for our dear friend. We decided to bring flowers and feathers to throw in the water as we said a prayer of gratitude for her part in our lives.

The river was glass with not a cloud in the sky and come to think of it...not many birds either. We all gathered around in a circle as we gave thanks for the gifts of her beautiful spirit and prepared ourselves to let her go. One by one, each of us left the circle and went to the river to offer her flowers and feathers.

My feet felt like they were rooted to the spot on the ground where I was standing, rigid with grief. I wanted my turn to come, but on the other hand, although I have lost more than most, I was having a hard time with this one. The moment came and I walked to the water, my eyes welling up with tears as I got close to the river's edge. I stood there and so many thoughts were going through my mind about her as a teacher and healer. I asked her the inevitable question in my mind...Why Sister, Why did you choose to leave at this time? I suddenly felt calm enough to  accept her choice and threw Eagle feather and some yellow roses into the river.

I was watching them swirling and dancing with the current when suddenly, out of nowhere came three large flocks of geese flying in perfect V formation.  At the same time a boat came careening across the then still water and did a double loop gratitude symbol with his boat before careening back to where he came from?

At that moment, I felt her loud and clear and so did everyone else who was lucky enough to be present to see the boat and bird show!

Her journey into Goddess is still her journey and she wanted us to know that she has sailed clear!

Dear Claudia...this one's for you!


Flower Sisters

The purple hue of violets

Blanketing the ground

Or the beauty of an orchid

Its heady scent profound

No one knows which colour

The rainbow gave to you

So we'll think of you as a flower

When we feel sad or blue

For flowers die with beauty

Tho their petals parched

Therein lies the mercy

For the one who chose to march