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Unveiling the Spirit World Part 5

Tue. Sep. 03, 2013

This is a story about something that happened last week, on the 27th of August 2013.

I'd say it was a MIRACLE. Others may say that is was an accident.. Before I share this particular story, I'd like to share with you a series of events and synchronicities that happened prior to....

A couple came into the store 3 days prior to the incident. I could tell the guy was different in that he kept looking around the store and at me like he could see something I couldn't see. Then he went to the counter and picked up my business card. He said...Oh, you are a numerologist and we started talking .

I gave him a bit of a reading because he was open to it and after that, he asked me if he could give me a message.  I gladly extended my hand to him, giving him permission to work with myself and my guides.

He said he had a woman "on the line" that was very strong and very determined to get through with a message for me. He told me that she told him she used to be deaf in her right ear and that I used to have to speak into her good ear or left ear in a low voice in order for her to hear me.  I laughed and said that would be my mother you have on the line.

She was so happy to connect that he told me he saw her jumping in the air and twirling, doing the highland fling and saying look what I can do now. Mom was also  keeping two men in the background, holding them back so to speak while she chattered away so fast he couldn't compute it all. Even after he returned home, he was still getting messages from her!

She told him that  two days ago, I  ate something that was really bad for me and I  knew it was bad for me but I ate it anyway. She said it was a butter tart that I purchased from a store  advertising award winning butter tarts. I remember saying out loud at the time, that they would have to be pretty good to beat the ones me Mum used to make.
Then she finally  allowed "Paddy" to come forward. He is my deceased husband, who took his life 26 years ago. Paddy validated that he was "on the line" by showing the the guy an image of me laying on a gravesite.
Even though I have found myself in many of them so far in this lifetime, it's not a common practice of mine to lay across them with the exception of
It felt comforting at the time in the early stages of both my grief and and personal evolution. I eventually real-eyes'd that he was everywhere !
He also validated by saying that I had visited "the old homestead" a couple of days prior and that was exactly right! I wanted to show Ken the house I lived in that his father sold us in 1981. Yes, yet another sign of how connected Ken and I are on a soul level. I met his father  29 years before I met Ken!
By this time , the psychic he later introduced himself to me, was getting tired so he only had enough energy to deliver one more message. I can understand this because I have also found that when I bring messages from the other side in my readings; the energy is very heavy when you are dealing with someone who has crossed over violently. Paddy went on to say that he was with me when I was parked in front of the house.
He wanted to let me know that he was always there for me and that he would be there to pick me up if I fell....

The day of the bike  hike, I saw a huge red tailed Hawk swoop down and circle right over my head...just before we rode out. I knew it was a big message from Spirit for me to beware of my surroundings. Then on the path Ken saw a snake cross his path. This was another message from Spirit that something was going to happen on the domestic front or to the physical body. (I have spent years studying animal symbolism) The other interesting thing is that Hawk vibrates to the #2 and Snake vibrates to the #6...that's my number...26!

All that said, I was at the top of Sherbrooke and High St crossing an intersection when a car came out of nowhere and floored it around the corner... only I happened to be in the way.
My left leg went under the car and he had to back up to get my leg out. No skin was broken or scratched.....

I hopped to the side of the road and my leg hurt really bad with shooting pains up and down.. I immediately gave myself Reiki and by the time all the hoopla arrived and they checked me out, I showed them that I could stand on my left leg in Yogi position. 
Yes....everyone was scratching their heads because I was just finishing up treating myself when the fire and paramedics came and saw me doing it.  They concurred that I didn't need any of them.....
The young man who ran into me was visibly shaken and really upset. I had to do something about the look of anguish in his eyes so after I gave him a heart hug, I said, hey soul brother, I know you are going through a really rough time right  now but you didn't need to crash into me to meet me...I do have a website!
We exchanged numbers..I feel we were destined to meet.
The Bottom Line
This was a message for me to slow down and allow others to nurture me. I was having a nine day that day numerically speaking so it could have been a lot worse. I could be on the other side right now too.
I am in gratitude for all those loved ones on the other side who are acting as helpers to me now as well as all my guides, angels and friends here on earth.
Let the party begin!