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Unveiling The Spirit World Part 4

Sun. May. 12, 2013

Spirit hears you calling. Spirit transcends time and space and therefore can be a particle of everything; everywhere.

Mother's Day Weekend 2013

It has been 16 years since I held my mother in my arms and yet, I feel her loving embrace. She comes to me whenever my heart calls out to her, even though my conscious mind many not realize it. That is...until she shows me signs that she is around me. This Mother's Day weekend was no exception.

I attended a First Nation's Mother's Day Celebration Night to give readings at a local reserve. This is about the 5th year I have been invited back and I always use the same office to do my readings. There were several other practitioners milling about while we were waiting to start so I decided to put my things in my office, get a plate of the delicious food offerings and reconnect with some old friends.

Before I could get too far, one of the readers, a spiritualist reverend in her 60's asked if she could come to me with a message. I gladly said yes, as I had been looking deeply within for some answers to questions I had been asking myself. I have been going through a cycle of completion; a time of being still and allowing things to come forward right time, right place. That is sometimes a challenge for me to overcome, given my personal numerology does not allow for that unless I consciously choose to flow with my cycles. I have been consciously working with them for many years now, so it is easier all the time. However, it never ceases to amaze me how spirit comes through with messages of validation about where your heart is at the moment. The head is just the "thing" that connects the two together, once it loses its logical mind....

So, knowing that this dear woman had been impulsed by spirit to give me a message, I gladly stepped into her office and gave her permission to work with my guides and bring it through. She had a deck of cards with the symbolism of the Tree of Life spread out in a circle on the table before me. The significance of the artwork was not lost on me. I had just been wondering about the timing on when the intentions I had been holding and visualizing for awhile were coming to fruition.

I meditated on the cards before me and then reached out and picked one. I laughed out loud when I turned it over and there was one word on it ....STILLNESS. Nice validation for what I already knew to be true! The goosebumps running up and down my spine gave me even further validation. I looked at my friend and smiled. Then she said that she had a woman standing before her who had crossed over to the other side. She said that she looked young, with brown hair and between 5"4 and 5'5 inches tall. She also said that this woman looked a lot like me. I said "Oh...that's me Mum"

Mother's message to me was to take heart; that it was a time of stillness because it was going to be very busy for me in a month or so from now. She also said that all was going according to plan and that everything would work out. Then she mentioned that my mother was talking about someone with blue eyes. Just then, we were notified that the celebrations had begun and I went back to my office without too much time to process the messages I had been given.

Once inside my office, I took a look at my surroundings. The woman whose office it was on a daily basis,  usually left a bit of White Buffalo Sage and a feather for me to use to clear the space. I looked around on the shelf and found nothing but a couple of empty abalone shells. There wasn't a bit of sage in them. It was then that I noticed a huge 1 lb. bag of it right next to the door but it was unopened. Hmmn, I said to myself. The symbolism of this was a message to me that it was going to be a "busy" night of reading and there was a lot of healing to be done. Then I saw two more big boxes, filled with gift packages of one abalone shell, a smudge stick and a Wild Turkey feather. Hmmmn, I said to myself again as I placed my crystals on my desk. I called in my helpers and guides and asked Archangel Micheal to come and clear the space since I had no sage to burn. I didn't want to tamper with the unopened bag.

The night sped by quickly as I was booked solid for 4 hours. I was so busy giving messages, I didn't have time to think about the ones I had received earlier.

The night came to an end for most of the practitioners but I had one more person to read, a young mother of four. That night, I was wearing a huge polished amethyst pendant on a black cord; tied twice in an army knot around my neck. I had just told my client that I could see from her numbers that she had experienced a lot of heartache and loss in her life. I went on to say that this had to do with 3 very significant relationships. I also shared with her that we shared this same number...

My client validated for me that 3 of her children had died before the age of 3!!!

My heart went out to her as I said to her that she needed to write about her experiences and trust her heart and spirit to give her the words to describe them. I was telling her it would be beneficial for her to work with a piece of amethyst to assist in trusting the messages coming to her. Suddenly, I felt goose bumps beginning to crawl up my back but especially at the nape of my neck, where I could feel "someone" untying the cord that held my amethyst pendant around my neck!

The next thing that happened was totally surreal. Instead of dropping straight down, it kind of levitated across the table and then dropped down in front of my client. Both our jaws dropped open. Just then, I received an imprint of her grandfather, who was laughing and saying that he was a bit of a trickster. My client validated for me that her grandfather was always playing practical jokes.  The message from her grandfather was that he came to her in her dreams  and was around her in times of stress. She told me that she had always known that and felt him around her  but it felt very good to have his message as validation.

When I finished the reading, almost everyone but the friend I was travelling with was gone. She was holding a huge basket of Mother's Day flowers. I said Oh, where did you get these? She said, They were in all the offices as gifts for the practitioners to take home. I said, Well, there wasn't one in my office, just a huge bag of "smudge." When we were driving home, I was play pouting a bit, saying I didn't get even one flower for Mother's Day...

We pulled onto my friend's street and I stepped out onto the curb to go inside the house. Just as my foot was about to hit the ground, I looked down and started laughing. There on the lawn, about 3 inches from the curb grew one beautiful vibrant red tulip. So this story will end as it began with this message.

Spirit hears you calling. You just have to be still sometimes in order to receive the messages. So thanks Mom! Happy Mother's Day to you and to Mother Earth for the healing you have both given me on this journey.

Love is in The Earth

Love is in the earth

Further than the eye can see

Where there's death, there's birth

The prize, infinity

Love is in the earth

Deeper than we know

For seeds planted with Love

Will give the heart its glow