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Unveiling the Spirit World Part 3

Tue. Apr. 23, 2013

When you are continually in touch or aware of all your senses, your body will let you know what is truth and what is not. It will also tell you how you are faring on an emotional level. As well, it can act as a sensor of impending life changing situations.

Have you ever had the goosebumps running up and down your spine or all the hairs on your body feeling like they've just been electrified? How about a funny feeling in the pit of your stomach when you are faced with making a particular decision?

There was a time when I didn't pay attention to any of these things because I was so caught up in living my life."  I was a soon to be bride of 22 and I already owned a house, a dog and had a very intense, emotionally challenging job as the 1st female correctional officer in an all male, maximum security prison.  No time for goose bumps or skin was too thick. So here's a story of how things evolved from there.

One day Paddy (that was his nickname) picked me up from work and said "Honey, I've found a really great house on 2 acres of land down at the 5 mile turn. It was closer to the correctioanl facility being right on the edge of the city. I have always preferred the country life because I spent a lot of time on farms while growing up but that's another story.

I was a little hesitant to go and see this particular house because I was comfortable in our 2 bedroom bungalow near my childhood park. It used to be an old train station back in the days when Peterborough was just a town. We drove to the new property and were greeted by the realtor; a tall, dapper man with deep blue eyes and a straw hat perched jauntily on his head. He gave us a copy of the listing and we turned to enter the house.

I remember now that when I crossed the threshold, all the hairs on my arms stood up and I had a funny, queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. I pressed forward and passed it off in favour of allowing Paddy and the realtor to show me around. Paddy was really excited about the possibility of living in the country and I didn't want to disappoint him.

I remember going down to the basement of the house and feeling very short of breath, clammy and cold. Again, I ignored what my body was telling me. I did fall in love with the land though and loved the fact that it had a garden, even though it was unloved and overgrown. The barn clinched the deal. That and the huge patch of wild asparagus. So we bought the house...and then the fun began.

As I look back now, there were no actual numbers on the house until many years later after I had moved out.  I had no knowledge of numerology at the time anyway....

We rented our other house to a mother of one and flew to San Francisco on our honeymoon while we were waiting for the final clauses in our offer to purchase to be fulfilled.

Life at 5 MIle Turn

I'll call the house 5 Mile Turn because that was where it was situated. There's another thing about the #5 though. It is the number of turning points, the heart,, emotions and unexpected changes. Yup....looking back now, I'd say that place did all that for me and so much more. By then, I'd just left my job as a correctional officer in favour of working with adolescents. I felt a calling to work with younger people, especially those who had suffered trauma or emotional abuse.

A couple of years after we took possession of the house, Paddy suggested I open up my own group home and that he would leave corrections and come on staff wth his psychology degree. It was a long arduous process to get the license to run the group home. We even went through the whole process of getting a house re-zoned for a group home but that's another story. Our vision was accomplished but during the process, Paddy became dis-eased....

His hand eye co-ordination was way off and he told me he felt like he was walking through a field of potholes. He went to the doctor and they couldn't seem to diagnose it at first so they gave him pills for depression and told him it was all in his head. After about 9 months, they fianlly diagnosed him with MS; a dis-ease of the central nervous system. He decided to go on long term disability and stay at home. Meanwhile, I had a newly founded group home filled to capacity with 8 children aged 10-16, a psychologist and 5 team members to support.

One of the things I did to bring myself back into balance was go cross country skiing. Twice a week, one of my team members and I would go on an 18 km trail in the afternoon when we had extra help and the children were in school. We had just come back from one of these hikes and my mind was feeling serene and clear when suddenly, I felt this incredible sense of foreboding and I said "Lorraine, I have to go home right now!" She asked why and I said "I don't know; just a feeling in my gut" as I threw on my coat and boots and ran out the door.

I arrived at the house and walked into the living room only to find Paddy completely "out of it" with what looked like soot up his nose. He told me that a farmer had dropped him off. I hadn't even noticed that the station wagon was gone too. He finally explained to me that he had tried to take his life by carbon monoxide poisoning but the car stopped working!

So that must have been around the time I was getting that sickly feeling in the pit of my stomach. I took him to the hospital and he was admitted for therapy. They gave him more pills and let him out in a month because he had met "all their requirements" and they no longer considered him to be at risk.

I welcomed him home with open arms and a surprise vacation to somewhere warm for a week that we could go and celebrate 2 days after my birthday. He took me out for dinner for my birthday and the conversation eventually turned to his disability. He asked me what I woud do if he ended up in the hospital and couldn't feed himself etc. He really liked playing sports and was very good at them so he was very afraid of losing his bodily functions. I said "Let's cross that bridge when and if we come to it."

The day before our big trip arrived bright and sunny. We had quite a few errands to run before we could relax. Paddy suggested that he take my car and go deliver payroll to the staff before we left. Morning stretched into afternoon and still no sign of him. I was sitting upstairs in the office, nerves more than a bit jumpy, wondering what had happened to him. This was the first time he had been out on his own since his release from the psychiatric ward....

The phone rang, jarring me back to the present. Paddy was on the other end of the line sounding serious and a bit strange. He told me that he had gone for a drive instead of going to the group home. He had been up to visit our family cottage. At this point, I had that queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach but I kept my voice neutral and calm and simply said "Are you on your way home then?" He said "Yes I am love. I just called to tell you that I love you."

After we had hung up, I still felt jumpy so I just sat there, staring out the window; praying that I'd see my car driving down our road. The moment never came. About an hour after the phone call; still sitting in my chair, I suddenly became very short of breath. Our dog Shakespeare started howling like a banshee. I felt like I was having a heart attack...

Then a vision came to me of a very large transport truck screeching to a halt...then nothing. I began to sob hysterically, intuitively knowing that Paddy was dead. I picked up the phone and called my father. The way I was going on, my father thought that I had heard something; that someone had notified me of Paddy's demise. When I said no, that I just "knew", Dad suggested we go out looking for him.

We left my sister in law at the house and started driving, checking back in every half hour or so. We were about 45 minutes away when we stopped to make another call. We were told to come home....nothing more. We arrived at the house to see the police and the coroner there to "tell us the news" Paddy was indeed dead...he had thrown himself in front of a transport truck. Life after that became pretty surreal....

More  Validation

Soon after Paddy crossed over, I decided to put the house up for sale. Everyone said that I should wait a year to let things settle but I had always felt a huge oppressive energy in the house, especially when I went into the basement. I kept repeating to my family and friends that I felt I had to get out of there or I would fall into serious depression. I put the house up for sale and found a bungalow closer to my parents.

I joined a suicide support group and went for counselling. One night about 6 months after I was out of the house,  the reason for all my feelings of angst about buying the house and my funny feelings while living there became crystal clear....

One of the counselors was speaking with me when we started talking about the house. She suddenly turned pasty when she figured out where I was living when Paddy took his life. She had owned the house previously and had moved when her daughter had taken her life in the basement of the same house!

It was at that point that I began my journey into the realms of spirit , numerology and energy in earnest. Years later, I decided to drive by the house one day and I saw that it had finally been given a number. It was 999. This is the number sequence for completion and healing. In the Doreen Virtue book of numerical sequences it bears this message:

Get to work Lightworker! The world needs your Divine life purpose right now. Fully embark upon your sacred mission without delay or hesitation. So here I am....

Thank-you Paddy, for opening up that doorway for truth and eventual peace. I know too, that you have been following my studies and my progress because as I have have you on the other side. There is a poem by Flavia that says it all.

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Others stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same."