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Unveiling The Spirit World Part 2

Tue. Apr. 16, 2013

Now I am looking  back and reflecting on the experience of having both my parents leave this world within 9 months of each other. Mother passed in the month of April and Father passed nine months later in January of the following year.

In Numerology, this is the number of completion because the numbers go from 1-9 and then they repeat the sequence or cycle.

Each animal or bird has symbolism too; through their specific "medicine" or gifts as well as by the number they vibrate to. Messages from the spirit world come through the understanding of symbols and numbers and they are everywhere! We just have to make the choice to learn the language so that we can interpret it.

When I think back now to earlier that year in January of 1997, I remember a message I received from 2 owls...

I was living out west and my parents came out for an extended visit. They rented a small apartment just down the street from me. My mother suddenly wanted to fly home a month earlier than planned. We were taking a last walk around the sea wall when I saw two white owls sitting on a log staring at us. I knew that Owl was a big harbinger of change and a message for me to prepare my world for change.

Qwl vibrates to the #21, which is also the number that symbolizes the World in the Tarot. I just took it in stride because I was connecting it to my parents going back to Ontario and me resuming life without them nearby. I said nothing to my mother. I just put my arm around her and drew her a little closer to me...

We walked back to the apartment and began getting ready for them to leave the apartment and go to the airport. The moment came and Dad used his keys to lock the door for the last time. Just then, the little crystal world I had attached to the keychain fell off and shattered at his feet. He looked up at me and we locked eyes. I knew he wanted to ask me what that "meant" but he didn't, so I didn't offer even though the message was not lost on me.

A shattering of worlds...hmmmn I said to myself as I made a mental note....

The Validation

Sometimes when things like this happen and you aren't certain what they mean; you store them until further verification or validation comes along. In this case, I knew my world was going to change as well as that of my parents. I didn't have to wait long for the validation.

One month later, I received it on my 40th birthday. I was driving in East Vancouver when my cell phone rang. I was just at the beginning of my nine year cycle, Numerically speaking, this was a cycle of completion and endings for me. I pulled over to talk with my Dad.  He wished me happy birthday and then said " you remember saying to me a while back that you suspected something was wrong with your mother but you didn't want to talk about it?" When I said yes, there was a long pause and he said "Well you were right...your mother has grown her cancer back, can you come home?"

I said yes immediately, even though I was silently wondering how that was going to be accomplished. I was selling real estate at the time and had just had three house deals that were all hinging on one of them selling blow up.

The Way

After the phone call sunk in, I realized that my birthday celebration was turning out a little differently than I had planned. I went home and changed into my jeans and sneakers, picked up the phone and called my friend. I really wanted to be near the ocean and feel its soothing energy to help me clear my mind and open my heart to a solution for the dilemma of financing my trip and possible move back East.

My friend and I got in the car and drove about an hour away to a beautiful place called White Rock. We started walking and I was just saying that I wasn't sure where my next client was coming from and how I was going to get to my mother with my current finacial situation when we both heard a commotion behind us. We looked over and saw to our amazement that a Nissan Maxima had just landed on top of a big white boulder that was separating the parking lot from the sea. It was just teetering there!

Soon after, a woman in her late 30's, early 40's got out of the car and climbed down off the rock. We hurried toward her to find that she was OK...just feeling a little rattled... I was feeling a bit that way myself, because as analytical as I am, I couldn't figure out how that car had levitated to the top of that rock.

The wind was whipping up so I offered her the backseat of my car and my cell phone to call her husband. While we were waiting, she shared with me that she had just heard knews that her father was being challenged with cancer and that she just wanted to be near the water's soothing energy. She was also in the process of moving!. All the hairs on my arms stood up at that!

She had noticed a real estate contract in my back seat and wondered which one of us sold real estate? My girlfriend and I exchanged looks because I had just said, I wonder when my next client is coming to me! My mouth had dropped open by this time and my friend jumped in and said "Jeanne sells real estate and gave "Connie" my card. She in turn gave me her card. My mouth dropped open again only this time I'm sure it was wider...

There was a symbol of a Lotus on it and beside it were the words Reiki Master Teacher... I knew that Reiki was the study  and practice of universal energy for healing purposes. Connie told me that she needed to buy right away in Steveston and wondered if I knew anyone who sold real estate there because she had been told that it was better to work with someone who knew the area well. I quietly said...I sell real estate in Steveston, I live there. When do you want to start? She said tomorrow...

My girlfriend and I drove back to my place in silence. When we parted, she said "Jeanne, you have shared so many stories like this with me but I never had the opportunity to be part of one of them before. I guess you know now where your next client is coming from!

I sold Connie a house the next day and as I was handing in the paperwork, I noticed that while I was busy with Connie, another deal that I had been working on had gone "solid"... meaning that all the conditions were removed and it was also set to close at the end of the month!

I'd like to go back now to the strange phenomenon of the car teetering on the rock, defying the laws of gravity....

While shopping for houses, Connie and I revisited the strange happenings of the day before and how I met her. I said "OK Connie, since you teach about energy all the time, how did you find yourself on the rock instead of crumpling the frame of your car?" (There were only a few scrapes to the underside of the car) She said that she didn't really know other than her own energy was very off balance when she drove into the parking lot. She said she was parking the car when she felt an incredible surge of energy "pick her up" and put her on top of the boulder! She further recounted a recurring dream she had of flying through the air in her car into a body of water... The funny thing is that the ocean was just beyond the boulders separating it from the parking lot!

Where the Worlds Collide

Looking back at all of it 16 years later has allowed me to awaken to all the signs and symbols I received along the way. You know the feeling when all the little fragments and bits of information you have collected suddenly make sense and you understand why all that stuff happened?  It's that feeling of sticking your finger in an electric socket and suddenly you get the aha moment when all the lights are on and everyone's home.

Just as the cycles of nature show us the stages of growth and transformation, so too do we receive messages that are signs of changes within and around us.

So looking back now, I understand the meaning of the 2 white owls I saw while walking with my mother. White stands for wisdom or wise-dumb as I spell it...

When Mom and I saw those owls, I was not connecting that Dad was thinking of leaving too. Then I connect back to the scenario at the apartment when the crystal world fell off Dad's keychain. I bounce it off my inner numerologist and connect Owl to the symbol for the World in the Tarot. The World vibrates to the #21 and so does Owl. The fact that the world fell off Dad's keychain right after I had seen two owls connects even more dots for me. There were two wise old owls leaving...

There I was, standing there as if I were in a movie but knowing nothing of the journey I was about to take with my parents. Owls also represent an element of the hidden mysteries of life. The gift of their message is that more is to be revealed and that you are standing on the edge of a new world.

So on this 16th anniversary date of my Mother's passing, I want to thank you Mom and Dad for helping me to take the dumb out of my w"eyes.

Thank-you too for all the validation I have and continue to receive from you both.

Keep flying!