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Unveiling the Spirit World Part 1

Wed. Apr. 10, 2013

Unveiling The Spirit World - Introduction


It was at an early age when I experienced death. Those first hand experiences have continued as a pattern for me even to this day. I have come to the conclusion that I attracted those experiences to me so that I could transcend them into something tangible that I could write about.


The Muse is a catalyst for change. This truth has been brought to us through the ages. The Muse transcends time and catapults one to a different space where peace can be found within the soul. The inner excavation of self on the journey toward love, acceptance, creativity, abundance and peace is an evolving one. Each experience is connected to the whole picture.


I was born on the 26th of February, 1957. The #26 is the number of the gatherer, the collector and the collective sharing of information.

It is also the number of evolution and total transformation. It is the number of someone who is here to experience all the cycles of change...including death in order to compile and gather information regarding it.


The Spring of 2013 feels like the right time for me to create these sharings from what I have gathered about the ways in which the spirit world speaks to me and through me.

This is a collection of short stories about my continuous journey into the infinite realms of Spirit through my study of the science of numerology and symbolism over the last 26 years.

Spirit speaks in so many ways if we take the time to listen and learn from the sharings of others.


Spirit is pure energy and therefore is all ways a-Live around us. Spirit speaks its own language using symbolism, numbers, colours, animals and mental transference of thought imprints or energy in the form of words, people, names and sentences popping into the mind.


As I move closer to April 16th 2013, I continue to marvel at how much I have learned and grown since the passing of my mother on April 16th 1997. It was Easter Sunday then.


So on this Spring New Moon day of April 2013, I dedicate these writings to my mother Joyce Mary...for calling me into this world....


Part 1 – The Phone Call...A Message From The Other Side


One late afternoon about 9 months after my mother had passed away, I was in my kitchen waiting for the delivery of our Chinese take-out dinner. My husband went down to answer the door and I was getting the dinner plates ready when my mother came into my mind and said “Call your father right now, he's in trouble” I ignored it because I was still in my “logical mind”

I didn't hear that..Mom's dead sort of thing. Right on the heels of that “imprint”, she came to me again, only this time it felt much more urgent...sort of like she was yelling at me. In total trust, I reached for the phone and called my father. He answered and said “Left arm, left leg..numb..sorry” and then nothing! He was at home alone in the middle of a stroke!

I frantically ran downstairs and ran past the delivery man to the car. We drove the short distance to my fathers house and I realized I had forgotten my key!

Again, Mom popped into my mind, directing me to a hiding place in the shed for the front door key. In total trust again, I ran to the back of the carport to the place she had “shown” me.

Sure enough, the key was there, hanging on a nail. Feeling a little like that myself, I entered the house to find my father slumped over.... weak but alive! We rushed him to the hospital and I was able to share another 3 months with him before he went to meet his bride of 52 years. Thanks Mom...for that gift.

In Love and Gratitude,