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Monthly Vibes for September 2018

Sun. Sep. 02, 2018

Wasn't that a party??? August, 2018 was a month of great change. Some of us went through so many shifts in consciousness that things will never be the same.

We are looking at the world with new "I"'s in many ways. Our perspectives have changed and our lives are changing. The only thing that is constant is change and the events of the past 3 months have served to prove that to us for once and for ALL.

Sitting on the fence no longer feels comfortable because we are waking from our 26,000 year Slum-Bar ;the age where everything was kept WITH the dark , hidden from the prying eyes of the masses. This is no longer the case in the Age of Aquarius. It just took a little longer than we anticipated for it to dawn. The age of truth filled transparency is here and we are all here to help each other grow in one way or another.

The month of September vibrates to the #9 and symbolises rewards, endings and completion. It is also the month when all the lights go on and everything will become crystal clear. If it isn't, ask for assistance and trust your intuition. Pay attention to everything that crosses your path. Everything has meaning and the answers can be found in nature, numbers, symbols, dreams and the list goes on. All of this takes tim-e and there is a war on for your time and how you spend it. 

This is a good month to pursue creative outlets for emotion as well as to finish up any projects in progress. So much has taken place in the last nine months. There is so much we sometimes hold inside us because we may fear losing control of our emotions. Water finds a way to get through and seep into our beings and we need to be constantly aware of the muddy stuff because that causes dis-Ease.  However, it is within the sand and grit of life that those waters can bathe a soul that's bare. When a creative endeavour is born from your heart, it touches the hearts of many who are challenged at this time. Coping with our own challenges through creativity is a gift that keeps on giving because it a legacy of experience that is meant to be shared. When we share, we learn that we are not alone. There is strength in numbers, literally and figuratively!

2018 is a master number year , where we are learning more about the essence of who we really are and why we are really evoL"ve...

It's stand up and be counted time, the pennies are droppin from Heaven :-)

When you see a light in someone, get a little closer and you just might see yours'Elf... a child of Light, a child of Love, a child of Source, a child of God.

Speaking of that I would like to make mention of my dear siStar of Love Dolores Mary Eileen O'Riordan, born on Sept 6th, 1971. She was alive on her birthday last year and now she is an angel on our shoulder. It feels like 8 years instead of 8 months and I am asking you to send her a love hug. Dolores contributed so much to the world with her band, The Cranberries and when you listen to her music and the lyrics and her passiionate, compassionate heartfelt deliveries, you know she wasn't standing on some soap box. She lived every bit of that joy and pain and transmuted it into a legacy of love and for that I am and will be forever great-full.

Thank -you Dolores and many happy returns... 




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