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Numerology for April 22nd

It's a Buddha moon today. Was yesterday intense enough for you?

Numerology for April 21st

You may be feeling rather restless today. It's a full moon in Scorpio!

Numerology for April 20th

The laws of cause and effect are certainly at play today. You will have a better awareness of self t

Numerology for April 19th

There are new beginnings today and some endings as well.

Numerology for April 18th

The key words for today are caution, healing and completion. You may feel like staying away from some people today.

Numerology for April 17th

This is a day to clear your mind and clear the air. There may be something you have not been peaceful about for awhile.

Numerology for April 16th

There may be some real turning points today. Life can turn on a dime

Numerology for April 15th

There are some new beginnings today . there are also some things to be cleared up and completed.

Numerology for April 14th

There may be some things you need to verify today. Things are starting to fall into place.

Numerology for April 13th

The key word for today is transformation. Change is in the wind.

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