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Numerology for May 25th

The key words for today are introspection and creativity.

Numerology for May 24th

This is a good day to speak your truth

Numerology for May 23rd

There are still some restless energies swirling about today. Do what you can to fly under the radar.

Numerology for May 22nd

This is a master number day. You may feel like you are on the brink of something new

Numerology for May 21st

Happy Full Moon. Is your world intense enough for you?

Numerology for May 20th

You may be feeling rather philosophical today. Relationships are the key to self awareness

Numerology for May 19th

There are some new beginnings today but also some things to let go of

Numerology for May 18th

The key word for today is healing. There are a multitude of things going on at once though

Numerology for May 17th

This is a day when you are looking for some peace. It's pretty busy though so make sure you take a few moments when you can

Numerology for May 16th

This is a day of shifting realities and shifting perspectives. You may have several aHA moments.

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