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Numerology for September 2nd

There may be lots of messages, conversations and comings and goings today

Numerology for September 1st

The key word for today is healing. Whether you need some time out or

Numerology for August 31st

Today is a great day to make some lists and get organized

Numerology for August 30th

How was that for a Super Full Moon in Pisces? We are still under the influence of

Numerology for August 29th

Relationships are key motivators today. There are new ones forming and

Numerology for August 28th

There is lots of opportunity for advancement today. You may not see exactly where you are going but

Numerology for August 27th

You may be starting to see people and situations for what they really are instead of what you believed

Numerology for August 26th

Stagnant conditions are getting stirred up. Final settlements are being made

Numerology for August 25th

You may feel like taking some time out today.

Numerology for August 24th

There is a lot of restless energy today so channel it into something constructive.

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