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Numerology for August 4th

This is a good day for planning. Your mind is active and you are beginning to look at things differently.

Numerology for August 3rd

No spinning! Now that the full moon energy is waning...whatcha gonna do?

Numerology for July 31st

This is a day to step out of the box and understand more about the essence of who you are

Numerology for July 30th

The keyword for today is Vision.

Numerology for July 29th

This is a master number day. Time for master accomplishments

Numerology for July 28th

Events taking place today are gearing us up for new beginnings

Numerology for July 27th

The veils of illusion are beginning to lift

Numerology for July 24th

Home and family are important today

Numerology for July 22nd

Once again we stand at the edge of something new

Numerology for July 19th

Messages from family and friends abound

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