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Numerology for October 21st

You may be feeling rather scattered today so find something that needs organising.

Numerology for October 20th

There are turning points today. Self awareness is key. keep going from your belly brain to your heart.

Numerology for October 19th

Today is a day for speaking your truth. Give yourself permission to take up space

Numerology for October 18th

The key word today is healing. There may well be some unusual events

Numerology for October 17th

You may be feeling like moving in some new directions today. Keep your eye on the new vision and start laying some groundwork.

Numerology for October 16th

Happy Full Moon in Aries! Whew... did you make it through all that intensity?

Numerology for October 15th

Laughter and philosophy mix well today as we approach the super full moon in Aries tomorrow.

Numerology for October 14th

Feel the Love! Open your arms and heart to receive joy. There is a rainbow just around the next your Mind

Numerology for October 13th

The key word for today is organization. You may be feeling a bit restless so it's a good time to put things in order.

Numerology for October 12th

This is a day to stand back and observe for a bit. You may feel like you are on the edge of something new.

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