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Numerology for March 11th

Today is a master number day and as such, requires more balance than usual. The full moon in Virgo is arriving tomorrow as well so the energies may feel really intense.

Numerology for March 10th

Expect the unexpected today. There are some big changes coming. If you have been holding steady intentions regarding some aspects of your life, you may see some results soon.

Numerology for March 9th

There are some things that need to be completed today. This is also a stop, wait, look, listen

Numerology for March 8th

The key word for today is strength. Strength doesn't mean power over another. True strength seen in another emPOWERS others to change.

Numerology for March 7th

The key word for today is introspection. When you take some time to go inside and look for answers, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Numerology for March 6th

The key words for today are home and family and friends. You may hear some news about something that has been troubling you.

Numerology for March 5th

Expect the unexpected and go with the flow today. Your emotions may be rising to the surface.

Numerology for March 4th it really time to March 4th? Some of us may think we are totally ready but there is some work to do yet.

Numerology for March 3rd

You may feel like relaxing today but have too much to do

Numerology for March 1st

The key word for today is independence. You may be feeling the need for more clarity

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