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Numerology for April 22nd

Its a master number day. You may feel as if you are standing on a cliff expecting something to happen.

Numerology for April 21st

The world is once again at your feet. You may be feeling separated right now as well as having conflicting emotions.

Numerology for April 20th

There are turning points today. You may have been feeling really tested lately. These are all aspects of self awareness.

Numerology for April 19th

There are endings as well as some new beginnings today. There are some matters that need to be set right. Let others take the lead on this one.

Numerology for April 18th

Things are coming to completion although you may be feeling tired.

Numerology for April 17th

The key word for today is peace. You may have been doubting your intuition lately however things are beginning to come to pass that you already "knew"

Numerology for April 3rd

After 5 years of writing daily blog taking a break..for a week or so at least. Thanks and much love.

Numerology for April 2nd

This is a gestation period. There have been lots of conversations coming and going but decisions are best left for later.

Numerology for March 31st

The key word for today is organization. Stagnant conditions are getting stirred up. some settlements have been made.

Numerology for March 30th

The key word for today is fearlessness. Be careful of your thoughts today. They always turn into form.

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