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Numerology for April 28th

This may well be a day of unusual events. The energies continue to be restless

Numerology for April 27th

More clarity is coming every day now. There is a restless energy about today.

Numerology for April 26th

This is a great day for gathering information. You may receive messages today that will lighten your heart.

Numerology for April 25th

This is a good day to speak your truth and not hold back. Just remember to speak it with love.

Numerology for April 24th

Today is a good day for domestics although there may well be some unusual events.

Numerology for April 23rd

You are really starting to see things as they really are instead of what you thought. The veils are lifting

Numerology for April 22nd

It's a Buddha moon today. Was yesterday intense enough for you?

Numerology for April 21st

You may be feeling rather restless today. It's a full moon in Scorpio!

Numerology for April 20th

The laws of cause and effect are certainly at play today. You will have a better awareness of self t

Numerology for April 19th

There are new beginnings today and some endings as well.

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