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Numerology for May 9th

Wow..will this intense energy ever calm down? The full Scorpio moon in rising for tomorrow.

Numerology for May 8th

There's a lot that seems to be hanging in the balance right now. The balance between fear and free falling into something miraculously better.

Numerology for May 6th

We are building up to a full Scorpio Moon tomorrow. Scorpio is the sign of the surgeon. Cutting swiftly like a knife, he moves in and forces re-Lease.

Numerology for May 4th

May the 4th go with you. I couldn't resist that. Seriously though, these are vulnerable times.

Numerology for May 3rd

You may get some more clarity today as to which way you might go. Your mind may be racing with all kinds of thoughts.

Numerology for May 2nd

Things are gestating right now. There is a lot going on behind the scenes.

Numerology for May 1st

It's May day in more ways than one. There is much to celebrate! If you are having challenges finding things to celebrate, gratitude is another Master key.

Numerology for April 30th

Messages are coming swiftly now. Listen to your heart. You came here to uplift, not to lift up.

Numerology for April 29th

This is a master number day. You can choose to feel like a victim or give yourself permission to take up space and speak your truth.

Numerology for April 28th

There are two roads today. It may feel like a big one. You have the opportunity of taking your reputation right to the stars or the town dump.

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