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Numerology for April 13th

The key word for today is transformation. Change is in the wind.

Numerology for April 12th

Bright prospects may arise suddenly today. It's definitely time for a change in perspective.

Numerology for April 11th

This is a master number day. You may have to make some quick decisions.

Numerology for April 9th

this is a day for completion. Things are really starting to come full circle now.

Numerology for April 8th

This is a stop, wait, look and listen day. There may be lots of messages regarding business.

Numerology for April 7th

Happy New Moon in Aries. It's a very powerful moon for moving forward

Numerology for April 6th

We are heading into an Aries super new moon tomorrow. This should get the lead out and move things forward

Numerology for April 5th

You may be feeling a bit restless today. There is much change going on behind the scenes and around you.

Numerology for April 4th

Work and planning are the key words for today

Numerology for April 3rd

This is a day when almost anything can happen. It may even feel a bit electrically charged

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