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Numerology for August 24th

This is a day where you may want to get into a bit of creative organization. Organize, clear spaces and change things up.

Numerology for August 23rd

This is a day for setting matters right. It may be more peace-Full if your plans are not rigid today

Numerology for August 22nd

This is a master number day. Some things are coming to completion. You feel as if you are standing on a new threshold

Numerology for August 21st

Well the world is at your feet again today. It's time to speak your truth or at least give yourself permission to take up space.

Numerology for August 19th

Although this is a day for new beginnings, there are still some things to complete.

Numerology for August 18th

The key word for today is healing. There has been much change going on within us and all around us.

Numerology for August 17th

The key word for today is peace. You may be craving a little quiet time to collect your thoughts.

Numerology for August 16th

Today is a day for some revelations regarding home and family.

Numerology for August 15th

There are some matters that need to be set right today. Discernment is the key word.

Numerology for August 14th

There may be a need to verify some things today. You may be feeling like jumping into another reality other than the one you are experiencing.

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