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Numerology for September 9th

The key words for today are completion and rewards

Numerology for September 8th

Change is in the air. It feels like something big is building.

Numerology for September 7th

Today is a day for reflection. Bright prospects can arise suddenly. Aha moments abound.

Numerology for September 6th

The key word for today is laughter. It's a wonderful re-Lease for pent up emotion and in my opinion, we need to find ways to do it more often.

Numerology for September 5th

You may be feeling a bit restless today. It's certainly one where there may be some elements of the unexpected.

Numerology for September 4th

This is a good day for lists. You may have had a lot on your mind lately and it really helps to write things down.

Numerology for September 3rd

Today is a good day for connecting the dots. You may have been standing back waiting for the right time.

Numerology for September 2nd

The soup pot is being stirred. There are messages coming from everywhere. It's time to step back and take a deeper look.

Numerology for September 1st

This is a day for new beginnings. It's a new moon in Virgo. Now that your eyelashes are on the table...

Numerology for August 31st

The key word for today is organization. Work methodically to get things done.

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