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Numerology for April 3rd

After 5 years of writing daily blog taking a break..for a week or so at least. Thanks and much love.

Numerology for April 2nd

This is a gestation period. There have been lots of conversations coming and going but decisions are best left for later.

Numerology for March 31st

The key word for today is organization. Stagnant conditions are getting stirred up. some settlements have been made.

Numerology for March 30th

The key word for today is fearlessness. Be careful of your thoughts today. They always turn into form.

Numerology for March 29th

This is a master number day. Now is the time to give yourself permission to speak your truth.

Numerology for March 28th

There may be some unusual things come up today. This is a great day for getting some more things organized, either as concepts or actual physical organization.

Numerology for March 27th

Happy New Moon in Aries. Aries is a fire sign so things will be sparking up soon. The key word for today is illusion. The veils are lifting. What do you see?

Numerology for March 26th

This is day for information gathering. You may hear news from family or friends today.

Numerology for March 25th

Retreat, separation and boundaries are the key words for today. There is always a path but most of us remain conditioned to believe that it's somewhere out there.

Numerology for March 24th

Some illusions are lifting and you may be understanding that the laws of cause and effect are still in place.

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