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Numerology for January 21st

There are many things hanging in the balance today...people too. Emotions are all over the place.

Numerology for January 20th

This is a day of reckoning. The world is at your feet. You may feel like escaping into another one right about now.

Numerology for January 19th

There are new beginnings today but there may be someone or something you have to let go of.

Numerology for January 18th

Are you feeling a little spaced out and groggy these days? There is so much energy coming in right now that sometimes slowing down a bit is the best answer.

Numerology for January 17th

The key words for today are peace and healing.

Numerology for January 16th

Spend some time in nature today. You may have some aha moments

Numerology for January 15th

The key word for today is laughter. Keep it need to fight

Numerology for January 14th

You may feel as if you are running out of patience for some things. Actually, it's tolerance.

Numerology for January 13th

The key word for today is transition. There is much change imminent

Numerology for January 12th

Happy Full Moon! This is known as the transition moon. Some new perspectives are developing rapidly within.

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