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Numerology for January 31st

The last gasp of January has arrived. Today is a good day to get some organizing done.

Numerology for January 30th

To fear or not to fear...that is the choice. Fear, fight, flight. This is all a test.

Numerology for January 29th

This is a master number day. You may be feeling a little off balance. It is important that you give yourself some room to "take up space"

Numerology for January 28th

We are still in the new moon energy. There may well be some unusual events today.

Numerology for January 27th

Big New Moon energy in Aries today. Aries is the one that will get us moving.

Numerology for January 26th

The veils of illusion are thinning. You may be able to see more of what is really happening than you thought.

Numerology for January 25th

You may be feeling introspective today. Change is all around you. Messages from spirit, family and friends are imminent.

Numerology for January 24th

The key word today is love. Matters concerning friends, home and family may be on your mind or be brought to your attention.

Numerology for January 23rd

Expect the unexpected and go with the flow today. Friends and family are key.

Numerology for January 21st

There are many things hanging in the balance today...people too. Emotions are all over the place.

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