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Numerology for May 21st

Messages abound today. Change is in the air.

Numerology for May 20th

There are some major turning points today. Self awareness and reflection are key.

Numerology for May 18th

The key word for today is healing. There are still some matters to be set right.

Numerology for May 14th

Happy Mother's Day! There are endings and new beginnings today. Some things will be verified.

Numerology for May 13th

The key word for today is transformation. In order for healing to take place, there must be change.

Numerology for May 12th

You may have been receiving lots of messages lately; both from Spirit and other Wise.

Numerology for May 10th

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio...the surgeon. The first cut may have been the deepest but this energy feels strangely similar.

Numerology for May 9th

Wow..will this intense energy ever calm down? The full Scorpio moon in rising for tomorrow.

Numerology for May 8th

There's a lot that seems to be hanging in the balance right now. The balance between fear and free falling into something miraculously better.

Numerology for May 6th

We are building up to a full Scorpio Moon tomorrow. Scorpio is the sign of the surgeon. Cutting swiftly like a knife, he moves in and forces re-Lease.

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